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Welcome to B. Malan Attorneys Inc.



B. Malan Attorneys Inc. is an innovative and creative general legal practice and business services provider.

At B. Malan Attorneys Inc. our clients’ interests and needs always come first.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, passion and knowledge of the law. This stands us in good stead to offer our clients the advice that best suits their situation.

At B. Malan Attorneys Inc. you will never be “just another client”.

Our Values

We deal with each instruction with integrity and professionalism. 
We aim to establish strong client relationships built on honesty and transparency. 
We strive for excellence in everything we do, making every effort to go the extra mile.




Our Services

B. Malan Attorneys Inc. provides a wide range of legal and business services.
We are experienced litigators across numerous disciplines.
We understand that each client is unique and will always treat you as such.
You require a new level of skill to meet your legal and business matters, B Malan Attorneys Inc. provides exactly this.


Legal Services

Business Services

Legal Services

Business Services